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New Books
Velvet Was the Night
We Are the Brennans
The Night We Burned
The Granite Coast Murders
How I Saved the World
How the Scot Was Won
Hairpin Bridge
The Leader
The Quiet Boy
Lesson In Red
My Brilliant Friend
I Alone Can Fix It
Blind Tiger
American Marxism
Just One Look
Suburban Dicks
Billy Summers
Ice and Stone
Summer on the Bluffs
The Tiger Mom
The Guilt Trip
Lessons from the Navy
Hell of a Book
The Heart Principle
The Guide
Count the Ways
An Ambush of Widows
Razorblade Tears
The Turnout
Class Act
The Husbands
A Slow Fire Burning
China Room
God Spare the Girls
The Only Thing
Dry Bones
Promise Me
Resistance : a graphic novel