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New Books
If You Leave Me
Rainy Day Friends
The Shadow Rising
The Dragon Reborn
New Spring
The Great Hunt
One Small Thing
The Eye of the World
The year we fell apart
The Juvie three
Strange grace
The agony house
To be honest
The war outside
A winter
Infernal devices
Give the dark my love
Walk on Earth a stranger
1968 : Today
Brown Rabbit
Elephants work together
Meerkats work together
Whales work together
Wolves work together
Ants work together
Gorillas work together
Fly to the rescue!
Rules of the Ruff
Willa of the wood
24 Hours in Nowhere
Hermit crabs
Equality under the law
Due process
Honesty in government and society
Majority rule and minority rights
Justice in our society
Respecting opposing viewpoints
Respect for rules and laws
Property rights